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Surveyor: Douglas Elliot & Associates

This is our Douglas Elliot & Associates Surveyors page. We have listed the full address of Douglas Elliot & Associates, phone numbers and websites. Douglas Elliot & Associates is in Norwich, Douglas Elliot & Associates offers cheap house valuations, quantity surveys, house surveys and property surveys in Norwich. They also are buidling Surveyors, property Surveyors, home/house Surveyors and quantity Surveyors in Norwich. [Edit Text]

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Douglas Elliot & Associates
Badgers Hollow
Norwich, NR14 7SH
Phone: 01508 495200
Fax: 01508 495613

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Latest Reviews

* Claire Cooper

Do not use this company. We had to use them for our survey instructed by Halifax mortgage but the survey was very poor and they missed the fact the property is single glazed stating that is was double glazed. We have had to pay to replace the glazing as despite going through the property ombudsman in legal terms this error does not effect the value of the property. It has been a long journey to get to a resolution as their communication with us and the ombudsman has been awful. The ombudsman also had to get RICS involved to pay the resolution (refund of the cost of the survey). I would not recommend using this company.

Feb 22, 2015
* dale kinslow

I wish I had seen these reviews before using this Surveyors. I paid for a Homebuyers report for a house I bought in November of 2013. It has cost me dearly using this company.

They should be struck off. The report was poorly done and they made so many errors not spotting problems on the roof damp and the list goes on.

I am so angry that these people can be allowed to basically take money for doing nothing the report given was totally useless.

Do not use these people they are clueless. I made a complaint have written letters and they don't reply. Just my bathroom alone has cost so far 6000 to put right. I have a long road to put the house right and certainly would not have bought it had the report pointed out the problems correctly.

Please contact me on 07738011422 should you wish to work together to put a case forward
Mr kinslow Norwich

Jun 1, 2014
* Victoria Wiseman

We had nothing but trouble with this surveyor from start to finish. He was extremely hard to get hold of, I left messages on a regular basis and was told he would call me back - he NEVER did and the few times I did manage to get him on the phone he consistently told me that he was still working on our report and that he would get back to me later in the day/the following day and he NEVER did! It was 4 weeks before he made his decision on the survey and I can't believe that he was working on it for that long. We paid 420 for the privilege. I do not recommend this company.

Sep 17, 2013
* Schuyler Newstead

Is very interested to get in touch with the 2 reviwers on this page. We have a house that had hairline cracks in many rooms when we moved in in 2006 and we paid this man to investigate - he said don't worry about it they are shrinkage cracks! We are now living in rented accommodation whilst the insurance company try and fix our home - We note that he has been expelled from the RICS, would love to know more detail to help support our case which we are having to defend ourselves as the mortgage company have told us that they were satisfied with the report

Oct 27, 2011
* John Simpson

Not the best report I have had, in fact not worth the paper it's written on.

I don't know how they could get such a simple valuation report wrong, which shows clearly three errors.

A property that has been built in 2001 has been estimated as built in 1982, have they never thought about ''If in doubt ask''!!!

The vendor could have told them all the answers they need to know rather than guess them, they just did not bother to ask!

Use them at your peril.

Oct 21, 2010
* Simon Everitt

Don't use this surveyor. He made over 15 errors in the first survey. He finally got the survey correct at the third attempt after I had walked him round the property. However, he will not pay for the subsidence he missed and he refuses to answer letters. He is useless.

Sep 24, 2008

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