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Surveyor: Colleys

This is our Colleys Surveyors page. We have listed the full address of Colleys, phone numbers and websites. Colleys is in Preston, Colleys offers cheap house valuations, quantity surveys, house surveys and property surveys in Preston. They also are buidling Surveyors, property Surveyors, home/house Surveyors and quantity Surveyors in Preston. [Edit Text]

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111 Fishergate
Preston, PR1 2DA
Phone: 01772 407832
Fax: 01772 407844

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Latest Reviews

* Philip Jarvis

Another thing for the reviews i have been reading and mine,WHY AREN'T THESE ON THE NEWS OR IN COURT FOR FRAUD? This is not threatening or obscene but an honest question

Aug 30, 2014
* Philip Jarvis

My Home buyers survey was appalling and from what i found when i moved in tells me the property was never checked as there was cracks,uplifting bedroom floors and rainwater getting in and a lot more.Their complaints procedure are full of bad excuses so they don't have to pay for your loses including the property Ombudsman to whom take sides with Colley's

Aug 30, 2014
* Millan

I lost out of a property after Colleys took 3 weeks (yes 3 weeks !!!) to do the survey. It set me back £430 for the honour of finding out the flat I wanted was the correct value but by that stage the seller had found someone who was with another lender who could get the valuation done within 4 days.

When asked why it took so long that spouted market demand nonsense and refused a refund, I am now £430 out of pocket and Colleys wont accept that other firms had 7-10 day turnarounds in the same period.


Aug 16, 2013
* anon

I can only assume the previous comment was placed by a Colleys employee!
Aside from the obnoxious uneducated and down right rude valuer, whilst waiting for a phone call to notify of completion instead i received a call from our solicitor to say they are having trouble getting responses from the mortgage company as the valuer has still not responded and the mortgage company are not allowed to contact them! ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC

A 3 week delay to respond to a query that will take 5 minutes.

I would never have picked these myself - it was down to the mortgage company. Its about time customers could select the valuation company to be used, after all we pay for the service not the mortgage company.

Aug 16, 2013
* dave

Your most likely satisfied because they under valued a property you was buying. Estate agents work with comparable data ie recent sold properties in that area the same as a RICS surveyor. They under value to reduce the risk for the bank but in the process screw the vendors over.

Aug 9, 2013
* very satisfied!

Having had a really good experience with Colleys I find most of the reviews on here amusing!

Firstly, if you need to realise that estate agents valuations are not the same as valuers!! Estate agents talk about the price they would market the house at but a valuer deals with the actual property value on the open market.

Secondly, estate agents do not need qualifications........surveyors however do! You lot seem to just criticise as your house isn't worth what you wanted - we are in a recession people!!

My experience with Colleys was as a purchaser and i found the service to be professional, prompt and thorough!

Jan 1, 2013
* Joe Arthy

My daughter recently purchased a ground floor flat in London she arranged her mortgage through John Charcoal Associates who recommended Colleys part of the Halifax group to carry out the survey. In their report Colleys/Halifax told her that there was a busy main road outside, they also said they could hear no noise from adjacent flats. WHAT THEY DID NOT SAY WAS THAT THE UNDERGROUND RAILWAY RAN UNDER THE FLAT ABOUT EVERY 8 MINUTES WITH THE OBVIOUS CONSEQUENCES. In the literature Colleys/Halifax sent, they said they would point out issues affecting the property and that their surveyors were all members of the ROYAL INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED SURVYORS who had good local knowledge. All of this is of little substance as it seems the only redress the consumer has is related to the value of the property i.e. if Colleys valuation is roughly correct and another surveyor would value the property at much the same price then the consumer has absolutely no claim against Colleys for their negligence. You certainly donít get ďTHAT LITTLE BIT EXTRA FROM THE HALIFAX Y in this case. Itís a shame we canít all trade with a get out clause for our mistakes

Nov 23, 2012
* alison lewis

bought a house using colleys surveyors. within 1 month of purchasing it and renovation starting, professionals informed me that my internal walls are made completely of asbestos sheets (there was a hole in one of the walls that the professionals could clearly see the asbestos in but i however have never seen asbestos so did not recognise it!!!). i checked my £495 home buyers survey to see if i had missed this information but i hadnt. i rang the company who sent a mr ian kerswell out the following wed. he was very apologetic and agreed the surveyor a mr john morgan should of picked this up and would cover all costs if i could get 3 written quotes off builders that deal with asbestos and that he would ring me by fri am with information of places that deal with asbestos. fri am came and i thought i hadnt heard from him so i called and he said he was still looking into the local council tip accepting it and would contact me once they had responded to his call. however, when i arrived home from work that day there was a letter from colleys/ian informing me that they were sorry but it was not the surveyors job to detect the asbestos walls as they were covered in plaster. the letter also stated that he had been acting up on behalf of a helen hollinsway who was on annual leave and that she would return mon if i had any queries. when i contacted her she agreed to visit me. again i showed her the walls with asbestos and she still continued that it was not their place to find asbestos. how ridiculous!!! if a wall is papered to they not need to report damp or a floor tiled do they not see rising damp??? i am still trying to resolve this issue as amicably as possible as i want this resolved asap. however after 2months of continuously trying i am now on sick as the stress is affecting my battle with anorexia. i am in the process of awaiting helens outcome in order for me to report back to the ferret and watchdog. do not use this extremely unprofessional company at any cost. truly incompetant. avoid 100%

Oct 8, 2012
* jamil

I'm a seller who had colleys come over for a valuation/survey - the guy came did a few measurments had a quick look around - did not check anything else like electrics or timber - guy completed report next day - when buyer got mortgage offer it was valued 10-15k less than other valuation i had previously had - he also put down afew things on his report which is minimal and very minor wear and tear but this gave the buyer the impression that there are some major things wrong with house - the buyer agreed to 130 but due to this unprofessional company i am looking at losing sale or selling 10k less - colleys said there is external timber work to be done (which was only a small loose plank of wood underneat lower roof) - he also said electricity wiring needs to be checked (when he did not even check any electricity) - if you are expecting a visit from colleys take my word and ask your buyer to change the surveyor or end up with a real messed up deal - hope my experience has helped.

Apr 7, 2012
* uddin

AHHHH wish i knew about the Colleys. They under valued my house by 25%? I will never use them again or recommend them to anyone. FROM THESE FEEDBACK IT WILL HELP OTHER SELLERS NOT TO USE COLLEYS. IT takes you years to gain equity in a house then colleys can cut your life 10-20 years by one valuation. I know 100% they got it wrong and their valour guys donít know how to predict a price for larger property.

Mar 7, 2012
* Brenda Harkin

I am in a dilemma regarding a Colley valuation of a property that has a land dispute now, they are saying that they never saw a map, how then did then identify my home as my layout was totally different to that of everyone elses a very large garden that the builders are trying to snatch back, I DID NOT sign my title with disputed map attached thank god, however just three years on. A police enquiry looming.

I will also report this to watchdog.. ANY ADVICE OUT THERE PLEASE

Jan 18, 2012
* Conor McGreevy

Colley's and Birmingham midshires are a lethal combination and people should avoid them at all cost. Colleys undervalued my property by about 20% whilst BM tried to extract more and more fees for stuff that should be free. People should refuse to allow lenders to use their own in-house valuers. Valuers should be independent

Jan 17, 2012
* Conor McGreevy

Colleys and BM are both scum and should not be used unless absolutely neccisary. Colleys undervalued my property and BM want to use them again for a further advance scummmmmmm

Jan 17, 2012
* Matthew smith

Colleys and the Halifax disgraceful.First time buyer misadvised by Halifax to purchase a shared ownership property. Paid Colleys £495.00 for a valuation fee then property undervalued.
This in turn caused months of stress in the end as I could not obtain the mortgage to purchase the property I had to walk away.
As if it isn't hard enough already to get a foot on the property ladder and saving for the huge deposit required
The upside of this is I have now moved into a brand new shared ownership home and I have learnt a very hard lesson.Always conduct your mortgage face to face not over the telephone with a call centre, and never use Colleys

Jan 10, 2012
* Confidential

Colleys appear to be incompetent and guilty of malpractice in the extreme.

I am a Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer. I know what I'm doing and what I'm talking about.

I bought my flat at the bottom of the market (Aug-09) is London for £200k and just had it revalued at only £210k thus completely scuppering my refinancing.

Simply applying the Land Registry index for my area of London generates a value of £230k, every 2 bed flat within a 5 minute walk of mine is on the market for £230-280k and there are several 2 bed flat sales from the last year in the £230-250k bracket.

I even gave the incompetent surveyor that visited a perfect comparable - my flat mate has been trying to buy a flat in the area for 6 months and recently bid on an almost identical 2 bed flat a few streets away. He bid £241k and it sold for £245k. I gave the surveyor all the details as well as the estate agent's contact for independent verification and he still came up with a value of £210k!!


Nov 11, 2011
* Jim Wilson

I had a property undervalued by almost 20% by Colleys working with Halifax. Shocking! I intend to write to Watchdog now.

Oct 6, 2011
* Colley Wobbles

Another house seller here,The surveyor of our house made many false statements based on guesswork as far as I can see, he then undervalued even after I told him the price I was selling was 15-20k below the estate agents valuation. Our buyer dropped out no doubt due to the report as she was so keen to move in within weeks of making the offer. BE WARNED! a visit from Colleys sounds the death knell to your sale.

Sep 5, 2011
* Anon

I have had my house valued by Colleys a couple of weeks ago and they massively under valued it. I only came by this site by accident when I typed into google "surveyors purposely downvaluing houses" and with no shock to me this web page come up. The gentleman was rude when he came round to my house, I have contacted her and he has asked me to send her comparables so I did and he said I cannot use them as comparables for some reason. There are houses up for sale for less than I want for my house that are worse than my house and he still won't change his mind. She then criticised my house saying it was in worse condition than the terrace up for sale over the road when it is in dire state and mine is a semi-detached with an extended garden instead of a yard. They don't know what they are doing and they have caused me no end of problems with me possibly losing my house. I don't know what to do!!

Aug 11, 2011
* anon

yet another undervalue by house has had extensive work to a high standard by myself(builder)i have doubled the size to give it four bedrooms on a large plot,but all they are doing is comparing it to other houses in the area.which i feel is totally unfair

Jul 15, 2011
* colleys shafted me

Big thank you to Colleys Surveyors, my sale on my property as just fell through.
The clown that came out to value my property spent the hour telling me his life story measured 2 walls went home then undervalued my property.
A sale was agreed at 120000 valued by Colleys Surveyor at 115000 so the bank will not lend the buyer the money.
5 days before the Colleys Surveyors valuation i had an independant survey by an RICS who valued the same proprty at 124000.
So a big warning stay away from this circus act of a company!!!!

Jul 14, 2011
* Worried Seller

I have had a similar experience to those who have had sleepless nights due to incorrect valuations performed by Colleys. My house sale hasn't fallen through yet but it is very unstable and will cost us much more than expected at best.

PLEASE submit your stories to the BBC Watchdog website so that they can follow through an investigation - we need to take action against this company.

Jul 3, 2011
* Anon

I have used Colleys several in the past and have nothing but praise for them. The surveyors are always courteous and the reports are turned around quickly.

To all the people whining below: may your homes just aren't worth as much as think?

May 12, 2011
* Bevan

Yet another undervaluation, yet another sale fallen through..

May 5, 2011
* A S

Robert Thomas of Colleys surveyed a house I was looking to buy (£430 fee!). Not only did he undervalue it significantly, he also told the bank one set of figures and me another. At the last minute he slapped on a 35k retention and casued the deal to fall through. When phoned about a minor detail he was very brusque. AVOID THESE SURVEYORS.

Apr 18, 2011
* Kate

Colleys sould be shut down. I alike many many pthers on this site and others recently had a revaluation on my property undertaken by Colleys for BMidshies. I am devastated that they spent 5 minuites in the house and undervalued it by 15 thousand. Terrible service, something should be done!!! I am now fourced to switch my mortage del to another lender and will be very explicit in stating i DO NOT want them near my property again. Any advice re: complaints much appreciated.

Mar 25, 2011
* Jamie

We are FTB's and have just had a valuation carried out by Colleys on behalf of Halifax.

We are very unhappy with our valuation and even more unhappy with having to part with best part of £400 for the privilage!

Colleys valued our propery at £140k stating that similar properties in our area have sold for between £130k - £160k. This is utter nonsense, as when we searched the land registry for this area you cannot get a property of this type for under £190,000. In fact the property next door sold for £225,000 at the end of last summer. We had an independant home buyers report done which valued the property at £175,000. We have put in a complaint with Colleys with a view to getting this reviewed as even with a large deposit we are now struggling to get the mortgage we wanted.

Mar 6, 2011
* anon

we have found ourselves in the same situation,having had our property undervalued 18,000 by colleys! this causing our sale to fall through plus the house we were buying.i have complained to colleys and the surveyor in question to no avail,just been fobbed has caused my family a great deal of stress and upset.we are so angry that they are getting away with doing this nationwide!.i have no option but to write to bbcs watchdog and also rip off britain.i urge everyone else to do the same so we can hopefully name and shame them!.also any advice on what to do next but be apreciated.

Feb 12, 2011
* anon

hi all,we too have had this same situation with a colleys surveyor two weeks ago,who undervalued our home by 18,000!!!! this was for the buyers mortgage with the halifax.this has caused our sale to fall through and our new purchase to fall through.our estate agent is trying to question the surveyor in question but it seems he is very hard to get hold of!.it has caused so much upset,anger and stress on our family.surely they cant get away with this? what do we do and where do we stand? i think im talking for all of us who have had this awful experience.

Feb 4, 2011

I received an offer on my house for £125k. The estate agent had valued my house at £145K, but due to current market forces I reduced the price and requested offers over £125k.
The purchaser commissioned Colleys to undertake a survey, whereby the value was subsequently reduced to £115K.
(1) The survey has created a shortfall of £10k to my mortgage lender.
(2) Based on the survey findings, the purchaser has withdrawn the offer without negotiation.
(3) The survey is fundamentally flawed and has many inaccuracies within.
(4)I am negotiating for works to be carried out to address the findings of the survey at my own expense.
(5) I intend to undertake an independent survey when the works are carried out and certificates obtained in order to redress the imbalance.
I have contacted RICs and was told that as I had not commissioned the survey, I did not have grounds for redress. I would like to ascertain if any other Vendor has experienced a similar situation and if so what action was undertaken to address this inequity? Many Thanks...

Feb 3, 2011
* Mr E W Gibson

Karen Healy has a bad attitude and is very rude. Ms Healy asks questions that is none of her business i.e. who the buyer is and what the buyer wants to do with the property. Also wanted to value property by comparing house to other houses in the area. My property is 3 bedroomed and other terrace houses are 2 bedroomed. Also the lady who originally lived there designed the property to her own specifications and is totally different from other properties in the area. Ms Healy was informed of this. But took no notice and then she told the lender information that did not concern her and we lost the sale. I questtion her qualifications as a RICS suveryor. Would not have this company near any of my properties again.

Jan 24, 2011
* s a

I have just had my property valued or should i say UNDER VALUED by Colleys.They valued it almost 20% less than the average sell now price by 3 independent estate agents.If this valuation was correct then my property would have risen in value by less than 5% in 9 years.These people are working with the Halifax to deliberatley under value properties ,forcing people to take out mortgages with higher rates.This is unjust and there should be a regulating body to stop this practice

Jan 7, 2011
* Lisa Donovan

Having read the number of complaints about Colley's Surveyors I too have experienced a similar situation when valuing my property!
I have an unusual property which is 2 houses combined in to one large property with 3 extensions to the rear.
I was looking to re-mortgage the property and was dismayed at the value the Colleys Surveyor valued it at which was £25k under value!!! One house is selling for the value he valued mine without any extensions!! DOes this sound right to you?

Oct 18, 2010
* Lucy

We had our property valued by the top estate agent in our town...they said £175,000...Halifax sent out their "independant" surveyor. He undervalued our property by 20k...I am annoyed at this of course. But my main annoyance was the extreme RUDENESS and OBNOXIOUSNESS of the man that came around!! He was arrogant in the extreme, proceeded to ask me if my budgies "SHAT EVERYWHERE" and decided that he was going "REALLY,REALLY SCARE ME" by telling me how much a house sold for some years ago, which was in fact to my own knowledge a repossession. I was completely appalled by his behaviour and have put in a formal complaint...anyone else have the same issue?????

Oct 11, 2010
* Lisa Donovan

I have just had my house valued by Halifax BS and the surveyor was from Colleys Surveyors, and having received his valuation, I am not only appalled but shocked by what he valued my property at! I own 2 house which have been professional designed and built in to 1 very large house with double gardens front and back. One house alone in the same avenue is going for only 10k less than what the surveyor valued mine at!! I have approached the Halifax with my concerns and at present they seem extremely disinterested in my complaint and having now read this page of other similar fears, I do believe that they should rectify any miscalculations by using a more reputable firm when valuing future opportunites for mortgates and remortgages!!!

Oct 11, 2010
* Mrs M Cummings

My husband works in the building trade so knows the property market very well. We own a property in Langley Park, Durham, which has been extensively renovated and know that similar houses in the area are currently valued at £80,000- 85,000. Colleys valued our property at £63,000 for Birmingham midshires. What a load of rubbish!!! BEWARE

Sep 15, 2010
* Mr M Stopps

After having our house valued by 3 estate agents at 238,000 we accepted a private offer of 232,000 pounds.Unfortunately for us our buyer has her mortgage with the Halifax who sent their "independent" surveyor from Colleys to value our house.To our dismay he under valued it by 17k regardless of the fact that our property has had a new forty thousand pound two storey extension at the rear, making it considerabley larger than average.Our property has been described as having the wow factor by just about everybody who sees it after spending an additional 35k on quality fittings throughout.According to colleys this makes our house just 26k above a property which needs complete modernisation.How can this be ? All i can say is steer well clear of colleys and their tie up with the Halifax if you want to sell your house at the going rate.

May 20, 2010
* Anon

I have just had a surveyor from Colleys survey my home. I have had a buyer offer me 325K for my house. Every person who comes in to buy my home offers between 305-315. Colleys have just downvalued my home to 275K. I have had to pay a surveyor from countrywide to come and independently value my home. It appears Colleys are owned by Halifax (my buyers mortgage application was with the halifax, so no conflict of interest there?)and it seems to be common practise to downvalue. It is horrendous to go through this when I have buyers offering to buy my home, so what is the true value of a house. There are no comparables as my home is unusually large and there are no similar sized plots or properties in the area. Who determines sale price, lots of potential buyers offering a figure, or a colleys surveyor saying its not worth that??

I am hoping my independent valuer gives me a correct valuation.

Advice for anyone, be aware of Colleys and if you can, steer clear. To knock 50K off a house price is shocking, especially when my house was valued by 3 independent estate agents since last January (when the credit crunch was at its worse).

Apr 9, 2010
* Anonymous

I am so frustrated when I read other people's experiences of house surveys. Here is my recent experience. I am a 'vendor' who had agreed a sale price for my property. The 'buyer' was getting a mortgage through HBOS and therefore a Colley's Surveyor visited my house to complete a 'Valuation Survey'. When the survey dropped onto the doormats of the buyer and my estate agent, the valuation had been significantly lowered than the agreed sale price (incidentally, the agreed sale price had already been significantly reduced from the original asking price). Suspicious of this, I contacted and commissioned (cost me £200 to do so) an independent national surveying company to come and conduct an independent survey of the house to establish whether the original asking price was way too high or whether our property had actually been undervalued by the first Colley's surveyor.

The independent surveyor carried out far more detailed checks than the Colley's surveyor (despite it being the same level survey!) with the result coming back saying that the original agreed sale price was indeed accurate and reflective and he found NO reason at all why the Colley's surveyor should have devalued the property as his comparables showed many local comparative house prices to support this!!!

Despite this, the sale of our property remains in jeopardy because of the Colley's valuation. Surely there is a regulatory body who can intervene?? Does anyone have any advice on what steps I could take??

Oct 17, 2009
* Sam Pilling

Just applied for re-mortage with our existing lender, Halifax. We paid for them to send their 'independent' surveyor (Colleys, who are interestingly owned by HBOS) who then valued our house at having dropped in value by almost 29% year on year (when according to the Halifax House Price Index it should have dropped around 20.1%).

So why is our house dropping in value significantly faster than everyone elses? Have we left it in a state of dissaray? No, we've been renovating it for the past 3 years. INfact we have a landscaping company in working on the garden as I type.

What other reason could they have for undervaluing???

Hmmm...let me think... By under valuing our house they, on paper, are reducing the amount of equity we have in it and therefore forcing us to take out a more expensive mortgage deal.

I'd call this an incentive for the surveyors they own to under-value, wouldn't you?

Jun 15, 2009
* J L

Ditto on G S' (Jul 19th 08) review about Colleys, although it was out of my control. Birmingham Midshires used them, they charged £430 to under value my property in Essex by £30k thereby making it impossible to continue with BM's competitive remortgage product. I'm still going to complain, although to no avail it seems, but will advise BMid, my mortgage broker, and anyone else who is interested. Based in Preston, they are obviously out of touch with Southern valuations.

Oct 28, 2008
* G S

Notice to Mortgage Brokers & anyone doing a remortgage or selling their home in Essex or East London!

If you are buying a house or remortgaging, once it comes to instructing the surveying company, please for goodness sake, DO NOT use Colleys Surveyors, as they are poor with their valuations, and are down valuing properties 50%, I have complained to them, however to avail, they just seem to take the money, down value and run, leaving you out of pocket. I have seen them do this in the last 12 months, so use another company! Otherwise you would be just wasting it, I have spoken to many other brokers estate agents etc and they agree and all have comparable evidence to, I just thought Id put it on here, also anyone else know where I can put this warning!!! Thanks.

Jul 19, 2008

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